Imagine Cup 2005 – Part 2 – Friday

Friday started somewhat early, and close by. It was the day mostly for tours and the fair.

We had breakfast at the Marriot next to ours…which was easy and quick. We then went into a large conference room, to get ready for the day. We got a whole bunch of info on how the days would run, what we would be doing today, and answering any questions. We then listened to a talk from one of the guys that won nationals last year, who was quite funny, since they didnt really let him know till the day before.

Another, much more interesting talk was from two guys from the Mobile PC division. They showed a few mobile devices, running Windows, and even a phone that they could play 3D games on. They also gave us a run-through of Visual Studio 2005, and how easy it is to develop for mobile devices. The new version of Visual Studio has a better Pocket PC emulator as well…which would have come in handy for our project. The one in ’03 cant rotate (and put the PPC in Landscape), but this one can. That, and you can also develop windows forms for it much easier as well too. Even though you can download the beta versions now, they are sending it to us in the mail, along with Office 2003 Pro and some other stuff.

On leaving, we got our first gift…an AWSOME O’GIO bag, with the imagine cup logo added in. Its got a spot for a laptop, as well as a music pouch, where I can put my iPod in, and then stick the headphones out. We also got a little certificate to thanks for being there and some other papers. When we got there, we got our nametags, but also a $120 voucher for the MS store. Not a gift certificate, but the availability to get stuff from the store at the MS price.

We filled up busses, and went to Microsoft. On the way I did get to see the Nintendo building, and Digipen would be right by it (my stepbrother went there for a while). We first got to tour the Visitor Center, where I wont a copy of Encarta 2004 just by walking in. Inside, there was a bunch of cool stuff. I kinda just walked around taking pictures, since it was so cool in there. They had this timeline, that started from just Bill Gates, up to a computer running (or just displaying) the Windows Longhorn screenshot.

After being there for about 30 minutes, we got to go upstairs. I wanted an xbox…which I thought they would have, but no! Everything for it, but that! Oh well. I got Deborah a nice shirt, and me a cheap tshirt that said GEEK on it, as well as a pen and keychain thing. I can still get stuff online, and may pick up a GPS thing, since I found out it will work on my Mac.

Next was to the fair, and for lunch. We quickly found out that there was no internet connection, which was just great. Had to merge the tablet to work with a local copy of MSDE, and run it that way (which actually helped us out in the long run). This was really nice…just showing our stuff off. We learned a whole lot, and also got to see what everyone else had been working on. One very funny thing…they guys that said “we gonna kill you…” were right across from us. The project was called like project revolution, and some app called pocket vallet. Thing is…it was all developed in NORMAL windows forms…umm yeah.

At the end, I met this nice lady and showed her our app. She seemed really interested, which was nice…and some of the people were making fun of me thinking i was trying to pick her up or something. But then she came back, with i guess her husband, who works for Microsoft. He gave us his card, and said he wanted to talk to each of us about JOB OPORTUNITIES! We will see where that goes πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

After all this, we pretty much went back to the hotel, and worked on our stuff. A few more runthroughs on the presentation, and some more bug fixes. This is the night we also the Hawian dinner as well, i think. Very good stuff.

Ok…more later. Our next installment will be about Competition day!


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