screenname change…

Due to a deadly tickling match…I have somehow destroyed my NotUrFathersOlds account. I was trying to change my away in trillian 3.1, and deborah hit my arm, and i hit just the global reconnect button. wouldnt connect.

I could see me contacts, and I would connect…but never actually get on. I dont know what to do from there. So, since I was ready to change anyways ( I no longer own an oldsmobile… ), it was ok. I did loose a few contacts…but ill find them if I need to.

I tried connecting from two Mac AIM clients, and even my cell phone, and no luck.

So, you can delete that old screenname, and for those who dont have the new one…its godofthunder347. Made the name up from the normal godofthunder handle I use for most stuff (from the KISS song), and then 347 from my freemason lodge number.


2 thoughts on “screenname change…

  1. you know tell the whole world that i am the one that caused i said i was SORRY a million times geezzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!

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