Imagine Cup 2005 – Part 1 – The Trip out…

As promised, here is the first part of the Imagine Cup trip…

And for your visual enjoyment, pictures have been posted too. They can be found at

Wednesday – Yes, it starts with Wednesday. I didnt work but went down to school early. We had to finish up most stuff for our presentation. I had actually been at school from Tuesday afternoon to about 7 I think Wed. morning. That night, we held a dressed-up runthrough of our presentation, with mixed reviews. All of the feedback really helped us. Nathan, AD, and I went and got some Taco Bell…and then would see each other in about 3 hours.

Thursday – Up at 3 AM. Had to pack, and get stuff ready. And of course load up the iPod with some new podcasts. We were supposed to get Chris S. at 4, but he ended up just walking over to the appt. and then we went to Nathans. Deborah got up early as well to take us all out there in the Durango. After saying my goodbyes to her, went inside and got ready for my first ever plane ride. Sat around for a while, mostly on the tablet RDC’ing into my home machine, via the free wireless at RIC.

The first ride was awsome. We flew to Chicago, into O’hare. I didnt get to see much, but did see the city, which was cool. Sat there for a while, mainly just got a cup of coffee and sat around. The next flight was on a much larger plane, for 4+ hours. We went up into Canada to bypass a storm, but all I saw was clouds. Then, landing in Seattle was beautiful.

The shuttle ride to the hotel was interesting, our driver use to program, but mainly on large mainframes. He gave us plenty of info about the area, and made it a quick ride. While checking into the hotel, these strange guys from IL. Tech saw us, asked if we were in the imagine cup, and then said “were going to kill you”….hah

Everyone pretty much took a nap. Personally, this was perfect, and switched me right over to the 3-hour lag in time. The rest of the afternoon we worked on the app…with Trisha and I staying up pretty late trying to get my tablet (as in the VCU loaner) set up with the database and stuff.

Well…time is about up. Part 2 will come soon, covering all the events from Friday, including touring some of Microsoft and the “science fair”. Part 3 will include all the events from Saturday. Part 4 will be Sunday and going back to Seattle as well as Monday going to Mt. Saint Hellens. Part 5 will wrap up these posts…with Tuesday around downtown seattle and going home!


2 thoughts on “Imagine Cup 2005 – Part 1 – The Trip out…

  1. Could you like email me a screenshot? Id be currious to see how it looks in thunderbird…

    BTW…i think Blogger messed with the ATOM feeds today…caus now Sharpreader is only showing the first 100 characters or so…when this morning it wasnt 😦

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