I want my R S Sssssss

Ive been talking more about this lately…and im going to talk about it again…its RSS!

I got started with using the reader bulid into thunderbird…but then went away from thunderbird, and was using Feedreader. Well…since I was getting very mad at the way feedreader made MY feed look…I dumped it for a new one called Sharpreader!

Sharpreader not only shows everything correctly, it also has nice pop ups and many other features. And it also mentions that it is a .NET application (very nice), and im guessing possibly even made in C#. The only thing it lacks for me is handling enclosures, like podcasts.

I still use iPodder for podcasts, even though I looked elsewhere. I did find this nice one, called Doppler. It would be my dream program, cept I couldnt easily find a way to tell it not to download anything but the newest feeds. It wanted to download some shows almost a year old!

I also spent some time setting up iTunes a bit better. I made a smart playlist (which I will also talk about later…and show you how I made mine) to handle filling up my iPod. I made one that would be 3.5GB big…which would hold random music. Then, I had 2 others that worked with podcasts…and then loading only the newest ones to my iPod :).

Actually, I even looked at getting rid of iTunes, since it is really bad under Windows…but I couldnt find anything I really liked. I wouldnt mind going back to Winamp, and then having some way to work with it in there. I also have been using Rhapsody from Comcast a whole bunch (made my own “radio station”), but it also mounted my iPod…though I dont know how well it works with it. After looking at this stuff though…iTunes has a whole lot more power to me working with everything…

Again and again, I really want a newer mac as my desktop machine, and hopefully soon, that will become a reality. I would then migrate most of my day to day tasks over to that instead. But of course…there are all those other things I want as well đŸ˜› (like a new car!)

In other news…started my new job yesterday, and I really like it. And funny enough…im working with Nathan again! As said before, I leave the MSC two weeks from yesterday. We will see what happens with that…

XML is also really cool…if you havent heard by now…Microsoft is changing over the core Office files from Word, Excel, and Powerpoint to XML…and making it all open. I was reading about it this morning while drinking my coffee and was watched the movie from Chanel 9 too. Now, another cool idea would be to record system logs (or other logs for that matter), in XML…or better yet following the RSS standard. Then…you could subscribe to a feed from your logs…and get new information quickly. Id love to write something that worked with the logs from crazy-train.net in this way…

And yes, Part 1 of the Seattle trip shortly…


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