In Charlotte

Took my first trip with work this week! 🙂

Yesterday at work was mostly packing and getting stuff together. After another meeting for VxNet, we met back at work and got ready to leave. We rented a new Durango for the ride. Its nice, but not my thing. Drives worse that deb’s. One plus is that it did have sirius, which was REALLY nice. Octane 20 does have a good mix when you listen for a while, but I also checked out stations that I usually wouldnt listen to.

We got here around 1. I check mail and stuff and then hit the sack. We have to be downstairs in a few minutes to get ready for work. Im working about 14 hours today, prob not back here till 2AM. Fun times!

In other news…Apple put some major stuff out yesterday. First was iTunes 4.9. What better timing, since I wont be able to work with it until this weekend. But from what I have been reading, they handle it the way I was hoping, rather than making things much harder.

They also released the new iPod. All color now. So, im getting rid of mine! Thats right, I have only had it a few months and im selling it. The 20GB starts at $299, and I can get my student discount on it. Debs will be picking one up as well. Though, while thinking about it today, I may have to wait till next year. I was going to wait a month or so, but my have to wait longer. I purchased my iPod mini under the discount, and I think I only get one a year. We will seee. When I get home though, ill be updating mine with the new software that handles the podcasts.

I have my camera. I have my iPod. I have my laptop. Im set. If I get some time, ill take some pics, but I dont know. Its great down here in ‘NASCAR Country’.

Well, its that time…


All Things Change

Oh My…

Lets start with this. For those who dont know, im a HUGE smashing pumpkins fan. They were the #1 band for me before KISS, and still kinda hold that spot at times. I got to meet Billy Corgan and James Iha in 1999 as well. I have every album (which I cant say about KISS) that they put out, as well as many of their b-sides, etc.

While I was cleannig up the office tonight, I started ripping Billy Corgan’s new CD, TheFutureEmbrace. Well, I for some reason I got this urge to check Billy’s site, to see if he had put anything up since the release of the new album. Well, sure enough he did.

Read that page. Or better yet, let me spoil it for you. At the bottom, Billy says hes been holding a secret. He wants to RENEW AND REVIVE THE SMASHING PUMPKINS! WHAT?!

So, I did some searching, and came across this. Billy put in full page ads in the two big Chicago papers (estimated around $37,000) asking his bandmates to join him.

I can’t get too excited yet. What happens if they dont want to join? James has been with “A Perfect Circle” which happens to be another band I really like. Which bassist will they use? What if it ends up being like 80’s KISS, with only 2 real members (well, ok, we already had Zwan….)?

Billy is in D.C. tonight, I wish I had seen that earlier, because I would have loved to have gone. But, I can asure you, if the Smashing Pumpkins do get back together, they will be #1 again!

Just past has let me be
Returning as if dream
Shattered as belief

      – “For Martha” – the Smashing Pumpkins

Im Listening to: ‘Mina Loy (M.O.H.)’ by Billy Corgan from the album The Future Embrace

Lack of updates…

As you can see, I really have not been able to spend much time here! Im working 9-6 every day now, with weekends off. And when I get off work after 6 (sometimes stay a bit later), the last thing I want to do is sit infront of the computer. I dont know what it is…and im not complaining! Every job I have had, everything I have done with school, ive always just come home, sat infront of the computer for hours checking mail/reading feeds/surfing the web. But now, I want to do everything but.

Work has been great though. Every day I go in, im learning something new, playing with some new program or technology, and discovering new things for the company as well as for myself. I did some really cool stuff this past week, and was amazed that I actually got through it. Remember, im actually a network guy, not a programer…and im doing some Network-person things now, and this is really my first hands on stuff. Next week is my first trip, and im heading south. Ill be out of town from Tuesday until Friday.

Tuesday I also meet with my Imagine Cup team and a local software vendor. This guy controls the contract with the State of VA and the VA Dept of Health right now…so he would actually have to bring VxNet to market. So, were going to toss some numbers and other ideas. I have to back out of development though, due to my Non-Compete/Non-Disclosure. Ill work with it a little over the summer, and then see what happens. Am I sad? No. I can honestly say that while VxNet (and imagine cup) is the coolest thing I have ever done in my career, its arena (medical) doesnt happen to be my #1 interest (if that makes sense). I would have never come up with the idea on my own…or even thought about it…and am not on top of where it could go. That, and it was a school project, that we are lucky enough there is a market for (we did have this idea from the begining though), not a investment or corporate idea. But thats another story. I love it, and my team was the BEST I could have ever hoped for, and I dont regret a second of the whole thing. It will go where it needs to though…

This weekend could have some fun in store. The Indy Racing League is in town and racing at RIR tomorrow night. I know quite a few people going, and Debs and I have been tossing the idea around. It may come down to getting tickets right before we go. Then ill give Bill a call, as well as Dad (if he goes), and a few other people. If not, then I dont know whats up this weekend. We have to do some major grocery shopping, and by the end of the month, ill be getting some real paychecks, and then were going to start decorating this place! I CANT WAIT!

Tongiht may be an early night. I have to take mom and barry to the airport in the morning around 5:30. I may go out with the geeks tonight. Some of them went to Friday Cheers, but I had just sat down to dinner. Im watching some TV now, may fire up the gamecube in a minute, and then possibly some web dev. Id like to update the look of the site a little bit more (mainly the navigation).

Getting better all the time…

Well, after my fun trip to the ER last week, and over all very uncomfortable week, I have gotten much better. The blisters have gone, but now im just peeling and having the skin come back. So, just like my car, my skin looks like one of those high quality GM paint jobs from the 90s!

The weekend was nice, kinda slow. Debs and I went out Friday night late to pick up a movie and get ice cream, it was nice just to get out of the appartment for a little while. We rented “Hitch”, but she was really tired (been up at 4:30 almost every morning), and she went to sleep. I think Friday I went to bed still hurting pretty bad, but better than I had been. I still couldnt lay back or anything.

Saturday she worked late, so we kinda just relaxed all morning. I ended up doing the same thing all day. Would be upstairs and get to warm or bored, so I would go downstairs, and then get to cold or tired. This process went on all night. Ive got to find SOMETHING to do on these weekends. I usually go out with all the friends, but everyone was pretty quiet this weekend. I would also usually just sit on the computer all night, but since Ive been working at mDT, I just dont feel like coming home to sit on the computer, especially for random web searching. Ive been wanting to pick up Cocoa (Mac programing language) or do more work in C#…but need IDEAS! If you have any cool little programs you would like implemented, let me know. It’ll be a free project, and of course open source 🙂

I think I also may pick up some new hobbies on the weekends. One to start will be renovation. Yeah, thats right. I dont know how many people know, but im huge into that kinda stuff. When I was a little kid, I didnt watch cartoons. I would sit there and watch the home improvement and building shows. And, this stuff carries over to now (every sunday morning, I watch this stuff while getting ready for church). So, I may start fixing some furniture around the place. Next weekend, im painting Debs bookcase to match the other stuff in the office, as well as the media racks we are getting. Now that im back to fully working…we are going to start decorating too!

Sunday was Dads Day. Saw Barry at church and told him happy fathers day. He was also telling us that Mike finally called, after nothing for almost a month! He was doing well, just very busy. After church, debs and I grabbed some lunch at Arby’s, I was really wanting to try that CA Chicken Salad sandwhich. Very nice. Now that things have calmed down, I can try to be health consious again. Im going back to the gym starting today, eating a bit better (mainly portion control), etc. I haven’t really gained any weight, but I can sure see it coming. Sunday night I worked in the office while Debs was cooking dinner. GOOD NEWS – the last box has been undone. BAD NEWS – its scattered in piles over the floor. Maybe tonight I will put it all away. Then Ill take some pics of the place all cleaned up so people can actually see!

Dad and Ayne came by before dinner to say hi. Gave Ayne a tour (dad helped us move in). A while after dinner, we watched Family Guy and American Dad, and then jumped into watching Hitch again. At least the movie was good enough to sit through again.

Well, I need to run, I have to get to work, but also drop the movie off on the way. Scouts tonight, as well the gym. And today starts me working ~40 a week at mDT, so some long days!

Im Listening to: ‘People Are People’ by A Perfect Circle from the album eMOTIVe

Moving Servers… may act up for a little bit, they are moving the server that it is hosted on my host. This is due to some recent downtimes and other problems, I asked to move. Things should be ok….but things like mail, my feed, my auctions, or my entire site may be going in and out…

Trip to the ER!

Yup, thats right kids…I went to the emergency room!

I got up with debs around 4:30…and took a shower. After screaming, I got out…caus my back was hurting so bad. Sure enough, it was COVERED in blisters! So, that means I got second degree burns from sunburn! GREAT!

I just love the (insert closest hospital to my appt here) ER. We went to the ER about 5 and sat down. I didnt get taken back till about 10-15 minutes later, and then just sat around some more. It wasnt until 5:30-5:45 that I actually saw a Dr. WTF? I would hate to see what would happen if it was even more of an emergency, oh wait, ive been there too and its just as slow. When I broke my leg almost 6 years ago, same EXACT THING.

He said there was no magical cure (but after talking to mom this morning, he could have given me some nice cream that is used on burn victims. He just gave me some papers, a bill, and a prescription for Percocet (major pain killer, yumm), and Prednizone (a steriod, to help heal the blisters and keep infection out). I had the guy look at my foot as well, and he said that I was taking great care with it.

I took the day off, lounging around for the most part. Did some work for mDT, as well as met with my Imagine Cup group late on AIM chat. We are still working on that stuff..another meeting tongiht. I came to work today, and hurt…but I will make it. I just took some meds again (3 Ibprofrun) and put on some lotion.

Why did I come in today? Well its my last day at the math and science center, and for working for VCU! It will be a sad leave, I have really liked this job, but I am ready for something more serious and exciting. They are throwing me some party shortly, which would be nice. Ill come back in a few weeks for another “party” with the executive i think as well. Its been great being here, I met a whole lot of people, and what not. Heck…i even made a REALLY good friend from here, and shes been gone for a while!

So, this is my last post from the MSC. Ive cleaned up my office, backed up my laptop, and moving on.

Imagine Cup 2005 – Part 5 – Tuesday and the ride home…

Everyone was pretty tired Tuesday morning from that long hike. I got up early though, and got a bite of breakfast with Trisha in the hotel. Not much happened until we got everyone else up, and then started roaming around Seattle.

We started our day with a ride down to Pikes Market. This place is pretty famous, and has a load of history behind it. One of the more popular things is the fish throwing. Once you enter the market, plenty of fishermen and fresh seafood adorn large ice covered displays. The guys throw these fish around, which is just funny to watch. We kinda just roamed through the place, I didnt buy anything. It was cool, because they didnt have the usual identical goodies that most tourist places have. Towards the end, there were a bunch of local artists with their stuf out as well.

Nathan, AD, and I went outside once we walked through, to take a few pics. It was odd…because you are in the heart of downtown, in a popular area, and the place was covered with bums laying out in the field. I did get some great shots of the water though.

We walked further downtown, just roaming around. We also had gotten in contact with the others, and were going to meet them back near the space needle. Downtown seattle has a little monorail that goes from right downtown out to the space needle for only $1.50. While walking there, we were taking in the sights from downtown. We passed this one buliding that had an awsome design. It was a normal skyscraper, but the bottom 50-100 feet or so was a concave triangle. We got to the monorail, and zoomed back out to the space needle.

Over near the space needle is the Experience Music Project and the Sci-Fi museum. It was about $25 to get in, which was more than I wanted to spend (or thought they would charge). The EMP was cool, but just not my thing. I love music. The only thing I really liked about it was seeing all the Jimi Hendrix stuff, the guitar art, and the KISS costumes. The SciFi museum was cool though, with some awesome stuff. After going through there, I really watch some movies I havent seen in a whlie!

Of course, one of the last things we had to do was the space needle. Since there was a private party going on, we got $2, which made it just $10. You take this fast ride up, and then the sky opens. We walked around up there for a good long time. It was wild to be able to see Mt. Raineer past seattle (the view was amazing). Got some great pics while up there. Did catch some coffee up there, rather than a meal (it was like $60 for dinner).

We only had a short amount of time left to get ready to head back to the airport, but still wanted a nice dinner. After some discussion, we went back downtown, to Pike’s place. This place was right across the street from the market, and had some great food. I wanted to have some native Seattle salmon before leaving, and had a great burger. It was a nice way to end the trip 🙂

Back at the hotel, we had to wait a bit for our driver (he was late, but had come way to early while we were at dinner). We sat around at the airport for a while, getting ready to leave. Remember…this flight was at midnight. I got stuck beside this REALLY annoying guy. He was reading a book on “how to get people to like you”. I was listening to some podcasts to get to sleep, and while having both headphones on, he kept asking me about my iPod.. I just wanted to relax! Around 2 we hit some terrible terbulence, that woke me back up. The girl behind me was actually crying and screaming. I was scared (never had this happen before), but after a while…I easily relaxed. Talking to my friends later, they said it had to have been the worse flight they had ever been on.

We got to Chicago around 3AM Seattle time, so it was like 5 there. the sunrise was beautiful, we got to see it from the sky. I grabbed a cinn-a-bon while there, and some nasty coffee (‘caus i couldnt find the starbucks!). I was tired, and just wanted to get home. I did finally get a window seat on the ride home from Chicago to Richmond. Chicago was huge…as well as seattle. But when we came into richmond…it looked like a little backwoods area! Debs picked us up from the airport that morning, and took Nathan and AD back to Nathans, and then we went on home. All I wanted to do is sleep 🙂

This concludes my Seattle trip…it has been a whole lot to talk about. I want to host the images here…but need to go through some of them to save on bandwidth. I can (and actually have) make CD’s for those who want them of all the pictures. You can also check out some here. I plan to take these 5 posts, and move them to a different part of the site, and will include some of my pictures then.