Strange Dreams….

I do have a lot to catch up on, in life, blogging, work, and other stuff from my nice, almost 2 week vacation. I know I still have not said that much about the whole trip, and I want to…but there is so much going on. If I can, you may see later today the first part of the exciting Seattle/Redmond Washington trip 🙂

Deborah gets up at 4:30 AM on the mornings she has to be at work at 6…so I wake up as well, and then sleep till 7. It had been an uncomfortable night upstairs, just really warm when going to bed.

Around 3:30, I woke up from a strange dream. If you really wanna know, ask me. Mainly, i was in a group, and we were trying not to die (if you have ever seen Rob Zombie’s ‘House of 1000 corpses’…its a story like that). The odd thing is…I have had this EXACT same dream before…but a different group, and the story ended good…rather than going bad (i woke up right at that point though).

I had a few others, this morning in that nap from 5-7.

What I find odd though is I rarely have dreams like this…ones that I can remember when I wake up. Its honesly less than once a month. And to have about 3…just weird.

In other news…watched Pitch Black last night…pretty cool, but not as good as the Chronicles of Riddick. Tonight we may watch National Treasure I think.

Here at the Math and Science Center, I came in today to find out they have hired someone for my job! This is great! I have met the guy before and talked to him, but dont know him that well. He will start this coming Monday. My last day here at the center will be Wednesday, June 15th. I will train him for a few days before I head out.

I also start my new job tomorrrow at mDimension. I am really looking forward to this…and to see where it takes me. Ill be working with Nathan too…which should be fun.

Tonight hopefully will be my first time back to the gym in a while. While I havent being eating right, nor working out… I havent gained any more weight.

Finally washed the GAGT, as well as detail it. With deborah’s help, we washed the Durango, my moms intrepid, and my car. I then did a 3 step meguiars pro detail, using #9 (swirl remover), #7 (glaze), and then #26 (high tech yellow wax). Also painted the stereo trim ring…which came out very nice. Next is to shave the pinstripes and a few badges off…hopefully in the coming month.

Also, for all your Richmonder’s that are into podcasts…deborah brought to my attention something quite cool. While I watch NBC12 mostly…she is more of a WRIC TV 8 person. Well…WRIC now offers a local richmond podcast! Now i can have my tech news, plus the weather and other local stuff. You can subscribe to the feed here.

Thats all for now….ill start with the Microsoft trip in a little while….


2 thoughts on “Strange Dreams….

  1. Yes, a guy by the name of David Philips I think…I have talked to him before, he wanted to do Imagine Cup next year…

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