Im Back

Yes, this is a quick post to say im back in good ole’ Virginia. It was an amazing time, and loved every moment of it. Spending time with great friends out there, visiting Microsoft and being treated like a VIP, just awsome.

I will do it again…i think I am doing imagine cup next year as well.

I also want to congradulate the ECESIS team, some good friends from VCU. They won nationals, and are going to Japan. Way to go guys!

Our team, Team impact, beat a CMU team, which I am really happy about. We also came in second in our region (west, since they moved us).

For now, you can check out the flickr posts, one of which (this one) looks like the view out of my hotel room (this guy must have been right above me). And if you look on the last page…there are some pics of me! Next to last is me, in the gray shirt, and in one of the others is nathan, with AD and me showing our backs…

I am unpacking now. I have some clothes to wash, and some stuff to clean. I also have about 300MB of pics to put up…i think I took about 200. Some movies as well, from Mt. Saint Hellens, MS, etc.


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