24 hours…

I made the last post after being in the lab for about an hour yesterday. Its now 6:00 AM, and im in the same place I was. We have done some CRAZY good work on our presentation, I drank about 5 cups of some damn good coffee, listened to Sirius 19 – Buzzsaw (plays some of the best classic rock/hard rock…including KISS, Ozzy, and some Def Leppard) almost the entire time, and for the last few hours I have been doing quite a few various UI bug fixes. With getting some new graphics from nathan, and then adding them to the code, I can tell you that the beauty, and WOW factor of VxNet has increased multiple times over.

In just about 24 hours from this moment, I will be on my first actual plane ride ( I have been in a plane before…fighter jets), but never actually been off the ground. Hell…never off the east coast!

I told debs early this week it was crunch time, and that things were going to be crazy…though I dont think either of us expected what it has become. But is it worth it? While I miss seeing her and being with her, this entire semester has been one amazing experiance. I have made some of the best friends ever, had a blast working on this, and cant WAIT to see us, in front of Microsoft employees, present something we made with our own hands.


One thought on “24 hours…

  1. Have fun on your 1st plane ride!
    You’ve had a tremendous amount of new happenings lately. Hope everything goes well. Good luck on the presentation. Your life and it’s fullfillment is your’s…remember that…and don’t let anyone stand in your way!

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