Last days…

For the last few day’s have been here pretty late, but not as late as some of the other people on my team or the other teams. I plan to be here late tonight if I have to though…

We are really trying to tie up many loose ends than add any new functionality. I was working on my presentation ealier this morning, just typing it up. Next is to work on some icons, clean up the presentation, and work with some GPS stuff. Tomorrow morning Ill start packing. Wow…so close.

While I am gone, I plan to take a ton of pictures. Im going to be removing the current albums up due to space issues, as well as that no one really looks at certian ones anymore. I may be able to post while out there, but not sure yet.

In other news, finally got a new phone number…I will pass it out once I remember what it is 😛

Ehh…let me get back to work. Have a good one!


One thought on “Last days…

  1. Hey, it’s great that you’re working so hard on your presentation…Good Luck…and wouldn’t it be nice to give your MOM your new number? 🙂

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