Fun stuff

Well, all these crazy days are really coming to a close. I had an exam monday and tuesday, and another tomorrow (which will be VERY easy). I have also been spending quite a bit of time at school, doing some programing, and at work trying to make some money. (Whats new, right?).

Since school is almost out, I have been able to spend a bit more time each day unpacking more and more. Of course I still cant find random things like my cell phone charger, but I am getting the place the way we want it. I dont think I will be fully in and settled though until I get back from Redmond.

I have also been able to put a bit more time into our project as well. I spent this afternoon merging some of the mini apps that I have made into the actual project. Next is to still get this GPS unit working, and to write out my presentation. Debs and I went to get my haircut, as well as try on some suits. S&K had a sale of 2 for $200. I picked up a black one, as well as a reall-dark-blue-kinda-gray suit. They should be ready to go Monday.

Pictures will be coming soon of the new place…I really want to wait until everything is set up, and clean looking šŸ™‚

Ahh…off to bed….things are going crazy and I just want to relax!


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