Podcasts – Brilliant Idea, Bad Content….

Ok, I have an iPod (a Silver 2nd Generation Mini – 4GB). I love it (though, now do wish I had purchased a bigger one, I will just save up my money, sell this one, and move on up).

Also, if you have been reading lately, I have been getting very interested in this whole news syndication/RSS stuff. If you don’t know what a podcast is, lemme explain it. You set up a news aggregator ( I used the one from ipodder.org…highly recommend!). You tell it what feeds you want ( I had selected some nice sounding Mac ones, 2600’s, Chris Prillios, Adam Curry, and some Microsoft ones (dealing with .net and Tablet PC’s)). Then, these RSS feeds contain basically embedded MP3s. iPodder would then download these, add them to iTunes playlists, and then you can set up iTunes to sync those playlists on your ipod…BRILLIANT! While this wont come in handy in the gym as much ( I love having some NIN or Slipknot or KISS or Black Sabbath or Lamb of God or…you get it), it would come in nice for road trips (if it was streaming through the radio), or times like when programming/cleaning/moving/surfing the web/walking.

So, while trying to pack, talk to a few people online, and clean last night…I started listening. WHAT? Some of these people were not talking about anything interesting…one actually (a tech one as well) was just talking about his daily morning routine! Who cares? I did listen to Adam Curry’s and Chris Prillio’s, well the start of them, and sounded very nice (except high pitched Yankee accents can get annoying). And now Sirius is picking up Adam Curry to do a weekday show on this kinda stuff as well…and I will be tuning in when it comes available sometime shortly.

I think a lot of this bad experience had to be on my part…selecting all of the “cool” sounding feeds. Then again…they should at least be a little more descriptive…especially when you start adding those feeds. I am going to keep the program, but knock the 18 I have now down to about 5 solid good ones. And…I would hope to see more of this…like possibly if someone does one at the Imagine Cup.

Last nights post sounded kinda haphazard, which was my state of mind. I think I have a plan now…moving out the important stuff like the computer and TV first…clothes/books later :). Ive started laying out in my head how everything will be, especially in the office…and I CANT WAIT! It’s going to be like I died and went to GEEK HEAVEN!


2 thoughts on “Podcasts – Brilliant Idea, Bad Content….

  1. Ahh?! Who left that?

    I guess they are ok…Dad was really happy, stepdad (no real response)…but moms kinda odd. I dunno. I understand its a big change, but we have been here before (GMU). We will see as time goes on…


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