Last post from home?

Yes…this could be the very last post made to you from right here. This site has been coming to you live, from my parents house, for about 3-4 years.

On Friday, Debs and I declare our freedom from the ‘rents, and move out.

I am in a scattered rush trying to figure out where to start, and what to pack. We are not moving far away…so its not like I have to pack everything right now. But…I want to get set back up and going ASAP. What should I do? Its like I just want to go fill up the car now, take my stuff over there, dump, come back, and repeat. Im sure thats what is going to happen Friday…but I need something for now!

I also got the new NIN CD, as well as National Treasure on DVD (caus of all the Masonic references), and the new Mudvayne CD the other day. It was from leftover giftcards for the bday. Thanks yall 🙂

Lastly..I may be offline for a while. We have to have cable TV first ( to get the deal from Best Buy ), so unless I surf on someones open wireless connection…you may not see me online so much!


2 thoughts on “Last post from home?

  1. You’ll find that your ‘rents are more important than you think. Always remember where you came from. Enjoy your life, but don’t forget about those who were there for you when no one else was. Give credit where credit is due.

  2. By checking the stats…and knowing the ole’ IP addy…I think we have a visitor 🙂

    My parents are VERY important. I will always care for, and love them. And yes, if it wasnt for them, I wouldnt be here. I really like how life is going now…and hope they are proud of their son. And they are invited over anytime 😉

    Gahh…I ache. Back to some more podcasts (mac ones this time) and setting more stuff up!

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