Heavy Development

Yeah…now that my video store is working, I am coding quite a bit more on VxNet. I read today in our forums that we will actually be presenting to Microsoft employees as well as “members of the development community”. Wow.

Saturday night, shortly after that post I made, I got rid of the above “You.Subscribe” plugin for Outlook that let me check my RSS feeds. It Sucked. The program would not exit out correctly in Outlook, and tried to take over pretty much. With a little more looking, I found the PERFECT program for me! I wanted something that could run in the background, check my RSS feeds, and keep them organized, and be VERY simple in all this. With a little searching, I found FeedReader ( you can get it here ). It does all of this, and even better…its OPENSOURCE! While I love thunderbird, dont get me wrong, I was glad to switch back to Outlook, for all of the other addons. It has been very nice!

Sunday was the same, but a little different. For years now, Debs and I have gone ot church and then would get a bite to eat. For the rest of the day, we would just chill at my house, or do something else relaxing. Well, after getting a bite to eat, I actually went downtown to do some coding!

I worked for a few hours, with the rest of the team (almost). I was mainly working on getting the major part of the Ink part of our project done. What is left will be done tomorrow, and I will start the GPS stuff…very quick. Ive got to study hard for the INFO 464 exam, the only final I have this week. I am SOO READY to get out of here.

After that was a cookout at Debs house. Since 2 of her brothers and a sister in law have b-days around the same time, they throw a big party for all of them. Some good eats, and then went back to my house.

Of course last night was the start of the new Family Guy. Nathan threw a little party over at his place, so we saw that, American Dad, and the Simpsons. Good times.

Today was pretty lax. I kinda let everyone at the center know that I was heading on out…and that my job had opened back up for VCU. Now lets just hope someone takes it….


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