Strange Dreams….

I do have a lot to catch up on, in life, blogging, work, and other stuff from my nice, almost 2 week vacation. I know I still have not said that much about the whole trip, and I want to…but there is so much going on. If I can, you may see later today the first part of the exciting Seattle/Redmond Washington trip 🙂

Deborah gets up at 4:30 AM on the mornings she has to be at work at 6…so I wake up as well, and then sleep till 7. It had been an uncomfortable night upstairs, just really warm when going to bed.

Around 3:30, I woke up from a strange dream. If you really wanna know, ask me. Mainly, i was in a group, and we were trying not to die (if you have ever seen Rob Zombie’s ‘House of 1000 corpses’…its a story like that). The odd thing is…I have had this EXACT same dream before…but a different group, and the story ended good…rather than going bad (i woke up right at that point though).

I had a few others, this morning in that nap from 5-7.

What I find odd though is I rarely have dreams like this…ones that I can remember when I wake up. Its honesly less than once a month. And to have about 3…just weird.

In other news…watched Pitch Black last night…pretty cool, but not as good as the Chronicles of Riddick. Tonight we may watch National Treasure I think.

Here at the Math and Science Center, I came in today to find out they have hired someone for my job! This is great! I have met the guy before and talked to him, but dont know him that well. He will start this coming Monday. My last day here at the center will be Wednesday, June 15th. I will train him for a few days before I head out.

I also start my new job tomorrrow at mDimension. I am really looking forward to this…and to see where it takes me. Ill be working with Nathan too…which should be fun.

Tonight hopefully will be my first time back to the gym in a while. While I havent being eating right, nor working out… I havent gained any more weight.

Finally washed the GAGT, as well as detail it. With deborah’s help, we washed the Durango, my moms intrepid, and my car. I then did a 3 step meguiars pro detail, using #9 (swirl remover), #7 (glaze), and then #26 (high tech yellow wax). Also painted the stereo trim ring…which came out very nice. Next is to shave the pinstripes and a few badges off…hopefully in the coming month.

Also, for all your Richmonder’s that are into podcasts…deborah brought to my attention something quite cool. While I watch NBC12 mostly…she is more of a WRIC TV 8 person. Well…WRIC now offers a local richmond podcast! Now i can have my tech news, plus the weather and other local stuff. You can subscribe to the feed here.

Thats all for now….ill start with the Microsoft trip in a little while….


Im Back

Yes, this is a quick post to say im back in good ole’ Virginia. It was an amazing time, and loved every moment of it. Spending time with great friends out there, visiting Microsoft and being treated like a VIP, just awsome.

I will do it again…i think I am doing imagine cup next year as well.

I also want to congradulate the ECESIS team, some good friends from VCU. They won nationals, and are going to Japan. Way to go guys!

Our team, Team impact, beat a CMU team, which I am really happy about. We also came in second in our region (west, since they moved us).

For now, you can check out the flickr posts, one of which (this one) looks like the view out of my hotel room (this guy must have been right above me). And if you look on the last page…there are some pics of me! Next to last is me, in the gray shirt, and in one of the others is nathan, with AD and me showing our backs…

I am unpacking now. I have some clothes to wash, and some stuff to clean. I also have about 300MB of pics to put up…i think I took about 200. Some movies as well, from Mt. Saint Hellens, MS, etc.

24 hours…

I made the last post after being in the lab for about an hour yesterday. Its now 6:00 AM, and im in the same place I was. We have done some CRAZY good work on our presentation, I drank about 5 cups of some damn good coffee, listened to Sirius 19 – Buzzsaw (plays some of the best classic rock/hard rock…including KISS, Ozzy, and some Def Leppard) almost the entire time, and for the last few hours I have been doing quite a few various UI bug fixes. With getting some new graphics from nathan, and then adding them to the code, I can tell you that the beauty, and WOW factor of VxNet has increased multiple times over.

In just about 24 hours from this moment, I will be on my first actual plane ride ( I have been in a plane before…fighter jets), but never actually been off the ground. Hell…never off the east coast!

I told debs early this week it was crunch time, and that things were going to be crazy…though I dont think either of us expected what it has become. But is it worth it? While I miss seeing her and being with her, this entire semester has been one amazing experiance. I have made some of the best friends ever, had a blast working on this, and cant WAIT to see us, in front of Microsoft employees, present something we made with our own hands.

Last days…

For the last few day’s have been here pretty late, but not as late as some of the other people on my team or the other teams. I plan to be here late tonight if I have to though…

We are really trying to tie up many loose ends than add any new functionality. I was working on my presentation ealier this morning, just typing it up. Next is to work on some icons, clean up the presentation, and work with some GPS stuff. Tomorrow morning Ill start packing. Wow…so close.

While I am gone, I plan to take a ton of pictures. Im going to be removing the current albums up due to space issues, as well as that no one really looks at certian ones anymore. I may be able to post while out there, but not sure yet.

In other news, finally got a new phone number…I will pass it out once I remember what it is 😛

Ehh…let me get back to work. Have a good one!

Fun stuff

Well, all these crazy days are really coming to a close. I had an exam monday and tuesday, and another tomorrow (which will be VERY easy). I have also been spending quite a bit of time at school, doing some programing, and at work trying to make some money. (Whats new, right?).

Since school is almost out, I have been able to spend a bit more time each day unpacking more and more. Of course I still cant find random things like my cell phone charger, but I am getting the place the way we want it. I dont think I will be fully in and settled though until I get back from Redmond.

I have also been able to put a bit more time into our project as well. I spent this afternoon merging some of the mini apps that I have made into the actual project. Next is to still get this GPS unit working, and to write out my presentation. Debs and I went to get my haircut, as well as try on some suits. S&K had a sale of 2 for $200. I picked up a black one, as well as a reall-dark-blue-kinda-gray suit. They should be ready to go Monday.

Pictures will be coming soon of the new place…I really want to wait until everything is set up, and clean looking 🙂

Ahh…off to bed….things are going crazy and I just want to relax!

Podcasts – Brilliant Idea, Bad Content….

Ok, I have an iPod (a Silver 2nd Generation Mini – 4GB). I love it (though, now do wish I had purchased a bigger one, I will just save up my money, sell this one, and move on up).

Also, if you have been reading lately, I have been getting very interested in this whole news syndication/RSS stuff. If you don’t know what a podcast is, lemme explain it. You set up a news aggregator ( I used the one from…highly recommend!). You tell it what feeds you want ( I had selected some nice sounding Mac ones, 2600’s, Chris Prillios, Adam Curry, and some Microsoft ones (dealing with .net and Tablet PC’s)). Then, these RSS feeds contain basically embedded MP3s. iPodder would then download these, add them to iTunes playlists, and then you can set up iTunes to sync those playlists on your ipod…BRILLIANT! While this wont come in handy in the gym as much ( I love having some NIN or Slipknot or KISS or Black Sabbath or Lamb of God or…you get it), it would come in nice for road trips (if it was streaming through the radio), or times like when programming/cleaning/moving/surfing the web/walking.

So, while trying to pack, talk to a few people online, and clean last night…I started listening. WHAT? Some of these people were not talking about anything interesting…one actually (a tech one as well) was just talking about his daily morning routine! Who cares? I did listen to Adam Curry’s and Chris Prillio’s, well the start of them, and sounded very nice (except high pitched Yankee accents can get annoying). And now Sirius is picking up Adam Curry to do a weekday show on this kinda stuff as well…and I will be tuning in when it comes available sometime shortly.

I think a lot of this bad experience had to be on my part…selecting all of the “cool” sounding feeds. Then again…they should at least be a little more descriptive…especially when you start adding those feeds. I am going to keep the program, but knock the 18 I have now down to about 5 solid good ones. And…I would hope to see more of this…like possibly if someone does one at the Imagine Cup.

Last nights post sounded kinda haphazard, which was my state of mind. I think I have a plan now…moving out the important stuff like the computer and TV first…clothes/books later :). Ive started laying out in my head how everything will be, especially in the office…and I CANT WAIT! It’s going to be like I died and went to GEEK HEAVEN!

Last post from home?

Yes…this could be the very last post made to you from right here. This site has been coming to you live, from my parents house, for about 3-4 years.

On Friday, Debs and I declare our freedom from the ‘rents, and move out.

I am in a scattered rush trying to figure out where to start, and what to pack. We are not moving far away…so its not like I have to pack everything right now. But…I want to get set back up and going ASAP. What should I do? Its like I just want to go fill up the car now, take my stuff over there, dump, come back, and repeat. Im sure thats what is going to happen Friday…but I need something for now!

I also got the new NIN CD, as well as National Treasure on DVD (caus of all the Masonic references), and the new Mudvayne CD the other day. It was from leftover giftcards for the bday. Thanks yall 🙂

Lastly..I may be offline for a while. We have to have cable TV first ( to get the deal from Best Buy ), so unless I surf on someones open wireless connection…you may not see me online so much!