What a WEEK!

Yeah…um, this week was F’n AWSOME!

Earlier on, I had called the appt. complex. I knew that there was a waiting list, and just wanted to get a solid idea on how long that could be. Well, for the ones we were looking at, it would be wintertime. NO way. But, they had some of the 2 bedroom ones ready now. So while I should have been doing some last minute coding on the Video Store…I was looking at my new place :). Debs and I picked one out, in the back corner. Our back patio looks over to Chris’s street. We sign the lease tuesday, and I think move in Friday. I wanted to wait till we got back from Microsoft, but this was the one of the nicer places they had coming up. Yes, there will be a ton of pictures of the place once we get in. Debs and I went shopping yesterday for some glasses (some cool blue ones, beer mugs, and some stuff for her mixed drinks).

Sure enough there will be a appt-warming party once we get in…and sometime in June. All are welcome! FREEDOM!!!!

So, the week DOES get better, you could say. I presented the oh so enterprise-level videostore (yeah right). This is my first, full working C# program, and my first ever real working with Oracle, and I would guess ADO.NET too. I took Wednesday off to finish it up, and actually liked it better than I thought. I also got a few questions in class as well, about how it was done, and what made me do it that way, rather than Oracle Forms & Reports.

I talked to the teacher for a little while after. I forgot to tell you ( in the great weekend posts where I sold the car ), that early that Thursday morning I had an interview with mDT. I was worried that I didnt get it, and was just going to move on. Well, after talking to her (her husband and her run this company, Nathan works for them as well), I was really hoping for the best…and to see what happens. Well, when I got home, I had an email waiting for me! I got it :).

I will start June 1st.

I let the center know that they kinda needed to start looking for someone new. They (well, some of them) knew this. But, after I left work yesterday…I think everyone else will ( I left before they told the Exec. ). Yeah, its been nice working at the center, but I am ready to get moving, and learning, and working! By the way, if you are an IS student, and looking for a job, Check this out.

That is about it. Today I went to a VCU .Net Users Group meeting. Afterwards, I went on over to Chris’s to play some poker. Ive been relaxing some now (due to a crazy next week), but waiting to see if anything happens tonight!

Also, you may notice the new Atom icon there to the right. Thats a link to my Atom feed. This is almost just like RSS. What this means, is that you could add my “news feeds” into a news program (or an email program like Mozilla Thunderbird or MS Outlook with this plugin). Then, when I update this page, you get the new feed right in your inbox. This is nice, so you dont always have to run to my site every day to see if I updated. If you have any questions about how to do this, let me know!

Im Listening to: ‘Je M’Appelle J. Cousteau’ by GWAR from the album Hell-O

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