Yes, I am sorry I have left you behind. This is the last full week of classes, of my last full time semester as an undergraduate. I have a rather large Database project due wednesday, and of course the ongoing work for Imagine Cup. I am sure, for at least this week, I wont post much until the weekend.

While really busy, I did stay sane this past weekend. Friday, after work, Debs and I took a random road trip out of Richmond. About a hour later, we were in Williamsburg. We pretty much just ate dinner at this nasty (Fireside Grill) place. I loved the looks of it…but once we got inside…wow. I paid $23 for fish stuffed with crabmeat. Tea was terrible. Waiter (and whole staff)…the worst ever. Its not that they didnt do stuff…they just were STRANGE! I highly recommend you NEVER eat at this place. We went to the outlet malls, but I didnt get anything. Went home, and watched Oceans 11.

Saturday, I went to school early for a project, but didnt get to far. Great. Im going down again thursday to get the rest done. We will see what happens then. I came home and did a bit of programing on the Video store. That night, was Nathan’s 23rd birthday party. We all met up at Capital Ale House innsbrook…for a great dinner. Debs and I had already eaten, so I had 2 beers and we had some Polenta. Yummy. Next we went to the after-party party at a friends house in Chesterfield. That was nice as well, seeing a few more people show up. I didnt drink much. Other than hanging with friends, I just could not stop thinking about how much I cant wait to have a place of my own.

Sunday was the usual. After some errands, we watched Oceans 12. Yeah…sucks compared to the first. We called it an early night…since I needed to get back to work. Brian came over late to get the application. I should meet with him sometime early this week to get it back…and have it in no later than this weekend. After that, we get an idea of the date of moving in…and can start the countdown!

Today has just been work. Ill leave shortly to head to school to grab some food, and then go to the labs. I hope to have almost all of the Video Store done tonight. My main concern is to have all the C# code done now, and test it with one or two relations. Then I will populate all the tables with more. Development will continue tonight, and tomorrow morning. After Math, I will start major development on working with Ink, SQL server, and the tablet PC, to present to the team that night. Afterwards is documentation and fixing up loose ends on the Video store.

Lastly, I will have some VERY exciting and great news to share with all of you this weekend. I know many of you already know, but today it became official. Aww shucks…ill tell you now. I got a job. Ill be starting the week after I get back from Microsoft. More to come later though 😛


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