Great Weekend, Part 2

Lets pick back up with Saturday.

I slept in (as in, 9AM), even though now I know I shouldn’t have. I have sooo much work, its crazy. I cleaned the room up a little bit, put the money from the sale of the car in the bank, etc. Mom made a huge breakfast, and shortly after, I had to head to work.

Work, well it was work. I was there from 12:30 till 10. I was asked over and over again when I could come work. I told them that I was not going to be able to work until after I get back from Redmond, WA. And…at that time, I also plan to be working elsewhere (or about to start). So, it could have been my last day…but I sure have said that before. Sam was working as well, so I talked to her a few times. While also at work, I had a call from Ryan. Some guy was at the house with a truck, for the car. The guy that bought it had already come back up to get it. So I clocked out and raced home. Got the last bit of stuff together for him, and saw it off. So long Cutlass, it was nice knowing you…

After work that night, I didnt do much. I did some updates to the parser I wrote for Imagine Cup, sent out a few emails, and jumped in bed. I have GOT to get more done on it…but to much. Ive been waiting to see if we have the extra week for Database or not, and then once that is out of the way…I have 3 long hard weeks of everyday work on VxNet.

Sunday after church, Deborah and I went to Chesterfield Auto. We went all through the yard, seeing quite a few 3.8L Cutlass Ciera’s (quite rare, actually). There were a TON of Grand Am’s, but all of my years were SE’s, not GT’s. Oh well…still got me a knob (so I can have heat now!), and a new vent. I got plenty of sun as well, since we walked all afternoon, as well as putting it all in. I also worked in the yard for the first time this year. Later on, Deb’s helped with working in my room, and we watched our Sunday night stuff on Fox. After she went home, I made the packet for all the church members with the new groups the church has formed. They should be done this week.

Today I ran by dads shop, and got the Buick. Man…its been a while. It doesnt run that good, since he cant spend the time he needs into it. But, it looks nice, and brings back a ton of memories. I was driving to work today, listening to some Molly Hatchet, and just thinking about the last 5 years…when I was last in this car, in this seat. Looking at how things have changed so much, where I have come from, etc. I love it 🙂

Lastly, this ride made me think about my interview last Thursday. At the end, I was asked, “What would you do if it were not for computers?”. My bad answer at the time was “I never thought of it, never really had to”. If it was not for my knowledge, and quest for more of computers and technology in general…what would I do? Now that I think about it, I prob. would have gone after dad and be a mechanic. I wish I knew 1/4 of what he knows about cars.

For the geeks…what would you have done if it weren’t for these things?


2 thoughts on “Great Weekend, Part 2

  1. I would spend more time wandering around in the cemetery, probably. It’s way more active, wholesome, and healthy than staring at a computer screen for hours….but it’s not as chock-full of knowledge-building stuff. There’s a tradeoff with every decision you make.

  2. “There’s a tradeoff with every decision you make”. Words of wisdom my friend.

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