GREAT weekend

While I was pretty busy all weekend, it was so fun!

It all started in Math class Thursday. I got a long distance call on the cell, and after asking Chris if he knew the area code, he said it was from VA Beach. So this guy had left me a voicemail that he wanted some more info about the car. I called him back, and since Friday was his day off, he wanted to come up here to check it out. Sure!!!! For the rest of Thursday, it was nice. They had this huge cookout, but the line was forever. So a few of us went to World Cup for some food. I then went on to Econ, and did the norm. Though, this girl Thao let me try this lyche nut gel…kinda like jello. Quite an interesting, but sweet, taste. She is pretty cool, from Roanoke. Only asian gal I have ever heard say “Yall”!!

Friday I went off to work…tired. Deborah was off, so of course I wanted out of there. I did the same ole’ stuff as well, and trying to plan the night. Well Chris was having a poker night at his place (which I really wanted to go to….but wasnt going to see Deborah at all saturday), and Tess was having a concert! But first I had to work with the Cutlass. While the guy was on his way, Debs and I ran and did some errands and went to dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. I got some stuff to finish my Sirius install and a new air filter. Once all that was about done, he came up. We took the cutlass for a 15 min. ride around, where it overheated, of course. When parked, he said “How much do you really want?”. I was like “ehh…I really dont know”. He offered $500 cash, and i took it. Yeah, I prob. could have got more, but 1) I wanted to get it gone, and 2) even though he has friends up here, he came up quick to check it out.

Right after he left, we RUSHED downtown. Yup, we decided to check out tess rock out at the Nanci Raygun. She had done this “rock lotto” band, and were playing that night. We found her, and she finally got to meet debs! We all talked for a while, and I mentioned how thanks to her, I had sold the Cutlass (since it sold on Craigslist). She said I should give her half the money, I offered to buy her a drink 🙂 . Right before she went up, I got her a PBR (yeah, high roller there). I had been sipping on a Yuengling or two, and deborah had a stronnggggg Long Island Ice Tea.

It was an AWSOME show! She really had her stuff together, and all the bands sounded really good. While I didnt know the song the covered, the still did an awsome job making it sound REALLY good. I got to meet a whole bunch of her friends, and talk about old times, and new times :). Gotta play some SMB3 sometime though! I forgot my cam (I had set it aside, but ran out of the house and forgot it). Tess had hers, of course, and she put up her pics here.

One of the other bands that really stood out was the one called Titty Committee. They had this really electronic sound…well put together. And I still have their song STUCK in my head. We left shortly after that, since all the smoke was killing my head and Deborah had to work early.

Wow, this is pretty long. Ill write up the rest of the weekend sometime tomorrow 🙂

Im Listening to: ‘Mississippi Queen’ by Ozzy Osbourne from the album Prince of Darkness

2 thoughts on “GREAT weekend

  1. I’m soooo so glad you enjoyed it. Thanks so much for coming out. But I CAN’T BELIEVE you don’t know Danzig’s “Mother.” !!!!!!!! What the crap?!

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