Only 2 weeks left…

Wow…this semester flew by. For the most part, we only have a few more weeks left. And then Im leaving to go to Redmond. It feels like most of my classes just started, and that I really didnt do much this semester. But then you look back, and all I can say is WOW. Grade wise, this actually may be one of my best semesters. I hope so. I made a goal to make above a 3.0 every semester here at VCU since leaving GMU with a 1.6…and I think I have hit it. I did register for classes next semester, just taking INFO Projects (465) and then MGMT 434.

If you got that, im only taking two more classes. I, as of right now, will be a part time student next semester. And if all works right, I will be a full time employee for someone. So far, two offers. I dont wanna dig too deep into either of them on here, but one is with a local IT consulting firm (and I would be working with Nathan, my Imagine Cup project manager), while the other is a web development/programing/small IT work job (working with the lady on our Imagine Cup team). I also posted my resume online, to see where that takes me :). I had the interview this morning for the firm, and it was a great learning oportunity. So if you see me in a shirt/tie today…thats why :). Im prob. going to check out the other job sometime next week to take a look around their office. Of course yall will know with what happens when I do 🙂

Other news, trying to figure out the weekend. After work tomorrow I get to pick up the Buick and drop off the Pontiac at dads shop. Guy is coming up from the beach to check out the car. Then dunno…either Tess’s band @ Nanci Raygun, or Debs and I are chillin with Chris. The being busy some more, since I prob. need to have my Database project in next week.

Lastly…now sucks. I have until 7 for class, since my 530-645 backed out. Was going to leave…but the notes in the Econ class are a manual to the exams 🙂


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