Well, shes here!

After all that talk, I now have a new car! This weekend was really nice, working my butt off. But sunday was an awsome day.

At church, after sunday school, debs, ryan, and I jumped in and took the GAGT for a drive around the outskirts of carytown (near our church). The only thing bad was that there was this bad metal on metal grinding noise. We first thought this was the water pump, but more on that later.

After the service, I went ahead and handed over the $2000. I asked if I could have some money back if there were any major problems, and they said sure. Debs and I took it on home, and got to work. With many activites going on, we had to move FAST.

While she did stuff like change the plates and lug nuts from the Cutlass to the GAGT, I was giving a hard wash. This car for one had been sitting not running for ~4 months, and hadn’t been washed in prob. a year! I still need to wash it again already, to remove some crud i missed. It also needs a good detail job. All to come one day. After we got back from her nephew’s baptism, I got to work on the stereo. That had to be one of the fastest ones I have done, as well as throwing in Sirius. I took today and cleaned up the install, and the car overall.

Afterwards, we went to a party at Nate’s house. Quite a few people showed up, and a ton of geeks. After eating, spent most of our time with Chris, his roomate, and his lady, as well as Cory from work. Checked out nates really cool house too. I put back a few beers, felt great, and tried some new stuff (like newcastle brown ale…yumm). Also had a Yuengling (haven’t had one in a WHILE!). We left ’round 9:30, since Debs had to work and all. Great way to end the weekend :).

And whats up with this weather? I prefer cold…but every day im getting more and more ready for summer. Beer in hand, sun tan, ahhh just looks sooo good :). Oh, and of course working every day doing REAL stuff than messing with rotten produce :). New place as well 😀

I took some pics as well of the new car. You can check them out at http://www.crazy-train.net/hostedIMGs/grand_am/. If your too lazy to click that, here is one of the nice pics I have :).


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