Good eats

I just got back from India Garden and Grill over in Southside. Aditya (one of the guys on our Imagine Cup team) owns the place. Some major good eats, and im sure my body is going to love me for eating so much! While this wasn’t my first time with Indian food…it has to have been the best. Everything I had was really good, and it was nice to try something much different than usual.

I wasn’t even planning on going. While in Math, John U. (another geek), asked Chris and I if we were going, and I said sure. Got to ride in Jasons I think ’97 Mercedes E420. I instantly felt like a balla’. Very nice ride. Ate a whole bunch, and hung out with all the other geeks.

In other news…one of my fav linux distros for a while (mandrake) changed their name today to Mandriva. Very interesting. I left b/c mandrake was really becoming to bloated for me, and for a while used Suse. Now its nothing but some good ole Mac-tified FreeBSD.

As for now…I really need to get to looking at what classes I am taking next semester. I also need to look over stuff for my exam tonight, but that isnt a worry at all. After tonight, the week is over! I have to work all day tomorrow…but wont be to bad. And best of all…I get the new car! Its looking like I get to pick it up after work Saturday…and then try to go get it registered 🙂


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