Busy Week

I sit here, after thinking all day about how busy this week may actually be, wondering what to do next. I have so many things on my plate this week….where do I start? And its not like last week, where I was sickly and busy work. This week its fun stuff. Wondering about new jobs, getting a new car, needed to figure out my last 3 classes for next semester, doing work on VxNet…all that stuff.

I worked this weekend, different than deborah. So…just kinda laid around Saturday before work. Sunday was the same, went to church, and then got a bite for lunch at Great Wraps. Next, we went over to Chris’s place to dake a tour of his crib…since I really think that is where we will be moving! The place was awsome, and nice to chill for a bit. Watched some of the Bristol race on his nice huge DLP TV, in HD. Afterwards, had a few errands to run. Got some wiring stuff for the deck to go into the Grand Am (while the BestBuy guy sold me the wrong Install Kit for the 4th time!!!). Also put in a job application, at Apple! I just wanted something fun to pick up on weekends to make some more money, and not have to worry about staying at Ukrops…i just wanna hear back from them!

Today I finished the VirginiaEarthScience.info site…I hope. We would like it to go live on Wed., and im sure that wont be a problem.

So, itll be a nice week :). Some programing tonight and tomorrow, two easy exams, new car, Samantha’s 20th birthday (shoot…i still gotta find a gift!), and then a fun filled weekend. I was to go camping this weekend, but by the original plans, this would have been regionals for the imagine cup. Once that was moved, I forgot about the date, and went ahead and got hours at work :-\. Oh well….money is good 🙂


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