Im missing it soooo much…

Since the cutlass really isnt being driven at all, I havent been able to listen to Sirius much at all. And I haven’t been home so much as to be able to listen to it on the computer. I actually went today and took my Kenwood Deck (Kenwood KDC-MP522), Sirius antenna, and the Sirius Tuner (Kenwood KTC-SR903), out of the car, to get ready to put it in the new one. It felt weird…striping the Cutlass of something that means so much to me (music). But, at the same time, i had this huge grin on my face about how I cant wait to get the new car, and plop all this and some speakers in…and start grooving again.

Well…the main reason I made this post was because of something that I saw on Sirius Backstage. It was linked to another satellite Radio site, called Orbitcast. One of the guys there got to take a tour of Sirius’ headquarters. Check it out…. Some awesome pictures, especially the racks for each station in the server room.

Im Listening to: ‘Edgecrusher (Urban Assault Mix)’ by Fear Factory from the album The Hard & The Heavy, Vol. One (Disc 1)

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