What a WEEK!

Yeah…um, this week was F’n AWSOME!

Earlier on, I had called the appt. complex. I knew that there was a waiting list, and just wanted to get a solid idea on how long that could be. Well, for the ones we were looking at, it would be wintertime. NO way. But, they had some of the 2 bedroom ones ready now. So while I should have been doing some last minute coding on the Video Store…I was looking at my new place :). Debs and I picked one out, in the back corner. Our back patio looks over to Chris’s street. We sign the lease tuesday, and I think move in Friday. I wanted to wait till we got back from Microsoft, but this was the one of the nicer places they had coming up. Yes, there will be a ton of pictures of the place once we get in. Debs and I went shopping yesterday for some glasses (some cool blue ones, beer mugs, and some stuff for her mixed drinks).

Sure enough there will be a appt-warming party once we get in…and sometime in June. All are welcome! FREEDOM!!!!

So, the week DOES get better, you could say. I presented the oh so enterprise-level videostore (yeah right). This is my first, full working C# program, and my first ever real working with Oracle, and I would guess ADO.NET too. I took Wednesday off to finish it up, and actually liked it better than I thought. I also got a few questions in class as well, about how it was done, and what made me do it that way, rather than Oracle Forms & Reports.

I talked to the teacher for a little while after. I forgot to tell you ( in the great weekend posts where I sold the car ), that early that Thursday morning I had an interview with mDT. I was worried that I didnt get it, and was just going to move on. Well, after talking to her (her husband and her run this company, Nathan works for them as well), I was really hoping for the best…and to see what happens. Well, when I got home, I had an email waiting for me! I got it :).

I will start June 1st.

I let the center know that they kinda needed to start looking for someone new. They (well, some of them) knew this. But, after I left work yesterday…I think everyone else will ( I left before they told the Exec. ). Yeah, its been nice working at the center, but I am ready to get moving, and learning, and working! By the way, if you are an IS student, and looking for a job, Check this out.

That is about it. Today I went to a VCU .Net Users Group meeting. Afterwards, I went on over to Chris’s to play some poker. Ive been relaxing some now (due to a crazy next week), but waiting to see if anything happens tonight!

Also, you may notice the new Atom icon there to the right. Thats a link to my Atom feed. This is almost just like RSS. What this means, is that you could add my “news feeds” into a news program (or an email program like Mozilla Thunderbird or MS Outlook with this plugin). Then, when I update this page, you get the new feed right in your inbox. This is nice, so you dont always have to run to my site every day to see if I updated. If you have any questions about how to do this, let me know!

Im Listening to: ‘Je M’Appelle J. Cousteau’ by GWAR from the album Hell-O


Yes, I am sorry I have left you behind. This is the last full week of classes, of my last full time semester as an undergraduate. I have a rather large Database project due wednesday, and of course the ongoing work for Imagine Cup. I am sure, for at least this week, I wont post much until the weekend.

While really busy, I did stay sane this past weekend. Friday, after work, Debs and I took a random road trip out of Richmond. About a hour later, we were in Williamsburg. We pretty much just ate dinner at this nasty (Fireside Grill) place. I loved the looks of it…but once we got inside…wow. I paid $23 for fish stuffed with crabmeat. Tea was terrible. Waiter (and whole staff)…the worst ever. Its not that they didnt do stuff…they just were STRANGE! I highly recommend you NEVER eat at this place. We went to the outlet malls, but I didnt get anything. Went home, and watched Oceans 11.

Saturday, I went to school early for a project, but didnt get to far. Great. Im going down again thursday to get the rest done. We will see what happens then. I came home and did a bit of programing on the Video store. That night, was Nathan’s 23rd birthday party. We all met up at Capital Ale House innsbrook…for a great dinner. Debs and I had already eaten, so I had 2 beers and we had some Polenta. Yummy. Next we went to the after-party party at a friends house in Chesterfield. That was nice as well, seeing a few more people show up. I didnt drink much. Other than hanging with friends, I just could not stop thinking about how much I cant wait to have a place of my own.

Sunday was the usual. After some errands, we watched Oceans 12. Yeah…sucks compared to the first. We called it an early night…since I needed to get back to work. Brian came over late to get the application. I should meet with him sometime early this week to get it back…and have it in no later than this weekend. After that, we get an idea of the date of moving in…and can start the countdown!

Today has just been work. Ill leave shortly to head to school to grab some food, and then go to the labs. I hope to have almost all of the Video Store done tonight. My main concern is to have all the C# code done now, and test it with one or two relations. Then I will populate all the tables with more. Development will continue tonight, and tomorrow morning. After Math, I will start major development on working with Ink, SQL server, and the tablet PC, to present to the team that night. Afterwards is documentation and fixing up loose ends on the Video store.

Lastly, I will have some VERY exciting and great news to share with all of you this weekend. I know many of you already know, but today it became official. Aww shucks…ill tell you now. I got a job. Ill be starting the week after I get back from Microsoft. More to come later though 😛

Great Weekend, Part 2

Lets pick back up with Saturday.

I slept in (as in, 9AM), even though now I know I shouldn’t have. I have sooo much work, its crazy. I cleaned the room up a little bit, put the money from the sale of the car in the bank, etc. Mom made a huge breakfast, and shortly after, I had to head to work.

Work, well it was work. I was there from 12:30 till 10. I was asked over and over again when I could come work. I told them that I was not going to be able to work until after I get back from Redmond, WA. And…at that time, I also plan to be working elsewhere (or about to start). So, it could have been my last day…but I sure have said that before. Sam was working as well, so I talked to her a few times. While also at work, I had a call from Ryan. Some guy was at the house with a truck, for the car. The guy that bought it had already come back up to get it. So I clocked out and raced home. Got the last bit of stuff together for him, and saw it off. So long Cutlass, it was nice knowing you…

After work that night, I didnt do much. I did some updates to the parser I wrote for Imagine Cup, sent out a few emails, and jumped in bed. I have GOT to get more done on it…but to much. Ive been waiting to see if we have the extra week for Database or not, and then once that is out of the way…I have 3 long hard weeks of everyday work on VxNet.

Sunday after church, Deborah and I went to Chesterfield Auto. We went all through the yard, seeing quite a few 3.8L Cutlass Ciera’s (quite rare, actually). There were a TON of Grand Am’s, but all of my years were SE’s, not GT’s. Oh well…still got me a knob (so I can have heat now!), and a new vent. I got plenty of sun as well, since we walked all afternoon, as well as putting it all in. I also worked in the yard for the first time this year. Later on, Deb’s helped with working in my room, and we watched our Sunday night stuff on Fox. After she went home, I made the packet for all the church members with the new groups the church has formed. They should be done this week.

Today I ran by dads shop, and got the Buick. Man…its been a while. It doesnt run that good, since he cant spend the time he needs into it. But, it looks nice, and brings back a ton of memories. I was driving to work today, listening to some Molly Hatchet, and just thinking about the last 5 years…when I was last in this car, in this seat. Looking at how things have changed so much, where I have come from, etc. I love it 🙂

Lastly, this ride made me think about my interview last Thursday. At the end, I was asked, “What would you do if it were not for computers?”. My bad answer at the time was “I never thought of it, never really had to”. If it was not for my knowledge, and quest for more of computers and technology in general…what would I do? Now that I think about it, I prob. would have gone after dad and be a mechanic. I wish I knew 1/4 of what he knows about cars.

For the geeks…what would you have done if it weren’t for these things?

GREAT weekend

While I was pretty busy all weekend, it was so fun!

It all started in Math class Thursday. I got a long distance call on the cell, and after asking Chris if he knew the area code, he said it was from VA Beach. So this guy had left me a voicemail that he wanted some more info about the car. I called him back, and since Friday was his day off, he wanted to come up here to check it out. Sure!!!! For the rest of Thursday, it was nice. They had this huge cookout, but the line was forever. So a few of us went to World Cup for some food. I then went on to Econ, and did the norm. Though, this girl Thao let me try this lyche nut gel…kinda like jello. Quite an interesting, but sweet, taste. She is pretty cool, from Roanoke. Only asian gal I have ever heard say “Yall”!!

Friday I went off to work…tired. Deborah was off, so of course I wanted out of there. I did the same ole’ stuff as well, and trying to plan the night. Well Chris was having a poker night at his place (which I really wanted to go to….but wasnt going to see Deborah at all saturday), and Tess was having a concert! But first I had to work with the Cutlass. While the guy was on his way, Debs and I ran and did some errands and went to dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. I got some stuff to finish my Sirius install and a new air filter. Once all that was about done, he came up. We took the cutlass for a 15 min. ride around, where it overheated, of course. When parked, he said “How much do you really want?”. I was like “ehh…I really dont know”. He offered $500 cash, and i took it. Yeah, I prob. could have got more, but 1) I wanted to get it gone, and 2) even though he has friends up here, he came up quick to check it out.

Right after he left, we RUSHED downtown. Yup, we decided to check out tess rock out at the Nanci Raygun. She had done this “rock lotto” band, and were playing that night. We found her, and she finally got to meet debs! We all talked for a while, and I mentioned how thanks to her, I had sold the Cutlass (since it sold on Craigslist). She said I should give her half the money, I offered to buy her a drink 🙂 . Right before she went up, I got her a PBR (yeah, high roller there). I had been sipping on a Yuengling or two, and deborah had a stronnggggg Long Island Ice Tea.

It was an AWSOME show! She really had her stuff together, and all the bands sounded really good. While I didnt know the song the covered, the still did an awsome job making it sound REALLY good. I got to meet a whole bunch of her friends, and talk about old times, and new times :). Gotta play some SMB3 sometime though! I forgot my cam (I had set it aside, but ran out of the house and forgot it). Tess had hers, of course, and she put up her pics here.

One of the other bands that really stood out was the one called Titty Committee. They had this really electronic sound…well put together. And I still have their song STUCK in my head. We left shortly after that, since all the smoke was killing my head and Deborah had to work early.

Wow, this is pretty long. Ill write up the rest of the weekend sometime tomorrow 🙂

Im Listening to: ‘Mississippi Queen’ by Ozzy Osbourne from the album Prince of Darkness

Only 2 weeks left…

Wow…this semester flew by. For the most part, we only have a few more weeks left. And then Im leaving to go to Redmond. It feels like most of my classes just started, and that I really didnt do much this semester. But then you look back, and all I can say is WOW. Grade wise, this actually may be one of my best semesters. I hope so. I made a goal to make above a 3.0 every semester here at VCU since leaving GMU with a 1.6…and I think I have hit it. I did register for classes next semester, just taking INFO Projects (465) and then MGMT 434.

If you got that, im only taking two more classes. I, as of right now, will be a part time student next semester. And if all works right, I will be a full time employee for someone. So far, two offers. I dont wanna dig too deep into either of them on here, but one is with a local IT consulting firm (and I would be working with Nathan, my Imagine Cup project manager), while the other is a web development/programing/small IT work job (working with the lady on our Imagine Cup team). I also posted my resume online, to see where that takes me :). I had the interview this morning for the firm, and it was a great learning oportunity. So if you see me in a shirt/tie today…thats why :). Im prob. going to check out the other job sometime next week to take a look around their office. Of course yall will know with what happens when I do 🙂

Other news, trying to figure out the weekend. After work tomorrow I get to pick up the Buick and drop off the Pontiac at dads shop. Guy is coming up from the beach to check out the car. Then dunno…either Tess’s band @ Nanci Raygun, or Debs and I are chillin with Chris. The being busy some more, since I prob. need to have my Database project in next week.

Lastly…now sucks. I have until 7 for class, since my 530-645 backed out. Was going to leave…but the notes in the Econ class are a manual to the exams 🙂

Well, shes here!

After all that talk, I now have a new car! This weekend was really nice, working my butt off. But sunday was an awsome day.

At church, after sunday school, debs, ryan, and I jumped in and took the GAGT for a drive around the outskirts of carytown (near our church). The only thing bad was that there was this bad metal on metal grinding noise. We first thought this was the water pump, but more on that later.

After the service, I went ahead and handed over the $2000. I asked if I could have some money back if there were any major problems, and they said sure. Debs and I took it on home, and got to work. With many activites going on, we had to move FAST.

While she did stuff like change the plates and lug nuts from the Cutlass to the GAGT, I was giving a hard wash. This car for one had been sitting not running for ~4 months, and hadn’t been washed in prob. a year! I still need to wash it again already, to remove some crud i missed. It also needs a good detail job. All to come one day. After we got back from her nephew’s baptism, I got to work on the stereo. That had to be one of the fastest ones I have done, as well as throwing in Sirius. I took today and cleaned up the install, and the car overall.

Afterwards, we went to a party at Nate’s house. Quite a few people showed up, and a ton of geeks. After eating, spent most of our time with Chris, his roomate, and his lady, as well as Cory from work. Checked out nates really cool house too. I put back a few beers, felt great, and tried some new stuff (like newcastle brown ale…yumm). Also had a Yuengling (haven’t had one in a WHILE!). We left ’round 9:30, since Debs had to work and all. Great way to end the weekend :).

And whats up with this weather? I prefer cold…but every day im getting more and more ready for summer. Beer in hand, sun tan, ahhh just looks sooo good :). Oh, and of course working every day doing REAL stuff than messing with rotten produce :). New place as well 😀

I took some pics as well of the new car. You can check them out at http://www.crazy-train.net/hostedIMGs/grand_am/. If your too lazy to click that, here is one of the nice pics I have :).

Good eats

I just got back from India Garden and Grill over in Southside. Aditya (one of the guys on our Imagine Cup team) owns the place. Some major good eats, and im sure my body is going to love me for eating so much! While this wasn’t my first time with Indian food…it has to have been the best. Everything I had was really good, and it was nice to try something much different than usual.

I wasn’t even planning on going. While in Math, John U. (another geek), asked Chris and I if we were going, and I said sure. Got to ride in Jasons I think ’97 Mercedes E420. I instantly felt like a balla’. Very nice ride. Ate a whole bunch, and hung out with all the other geeks.

In other news…one of my fav linux distros for a while (mandrake) changed their name today to Mandriva. Very interesting. I left b/c mandrake was really becoming to bloated for me, and for a while used Suse. Now its nothing but some good ole Mac-tified FreeBSD.

As for now…I really need to get to looking at what classes I am taking next semester. I also need to look over stuff for my exam tonight, but that isnt a worry at all. After tonight, the week is over! I have to work all day tomorrow…but wont be to bad. And best of all…I get the new car! Its looking like I get to pick it up after work Saturday…and then try to go get it registered 🙂