It sucked anyways…

Well, I after I got out of class, I went to get a bite to eat and then now in the labs. Before I got to work on making a cheat-sheet for TCP/IP quiz tonight, I was checking my news and friends sites. Well, I lookeed on Tess’s site. I saw that super cool 8 foot NES pad. But…wait a minute, those are the guys from the new, crappy ‘screen savers’ on G4TechTV. So I click through and see that they are from a new show, “Attack of the Show”. Looking around more, I found at ForeverGeek this. I couldnt stand the fact that Leo left (and Chris Prillio when he quit as well a while back), and then kept that same name. I have yet to check it out (really only get a chance to watch x-play nowadays). Oh well, at least they are not killing it even more….


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