What a week(end)

Yah…this is going to be a long one…

The car was in the shop ALL week, trying to get fixed. Deborah went and picked it up for me, and before she was a mile away, it overheated AGAIN. So…back to the shop, for dad to test some more. Basicly he took it for a few more drives, but the last one set his mind. He went up to Ukrops, and on the way, he saw a little smoke, as well as the car just getting higher and higher. The car was delivered back home yesterday (I got to take it off the trailer…dads shop is the only place ill let carry my stuff).

When taking the pictures in the link I posted earlier today, I decided to take a short drive. I jumped in, and did about a 4 mile lap around our area. Once it warmed up, it started to overheat….but then went to nothing, and all around. Called dad, and he said did the same for him. I thought this would be sensors, but he said “no, because its overfilling the overflow, bubbling, etc”. So, come to the conclusion of taking the loss and selling the car. Its not all bad…i was ready to get something different anyways.

I think I landed it too. A VERY nice looking 1995 Pontiac Grand Am GT sedan. Its white, spoiler, dual exhaust, 16″ wheels with low profile tires, clean interior, and detailed engine bay. Needs a new radiator (but that may be paid for) and a brand new battery was put in yesterday. Started just fine. I cant WAIT to hear this thing run either….duals on a 3100 :-D. That the same motor in the cutlass, but in a car that weighs quite a bit less. Its not going to become a money pit to fix all up…but I would like to have a nice, sporty, clean looking car. Id like to save money for a place to get out…but can still have a little fun with this thing :).

And, yes, it would be cheaper to fix the cutlass than to go all out with another car…but its like putting a bandaid on someone that needs stiches. Moreso, im ready for another car anyways. The car is awsome, i just dont have the time to fix it up the way it needs. So buy it!

In other news, I got a new toy. I went to the apple store to get a job application that I NEED to get in, and bought me something. I had picked up a refurbished iPod, and was looking around. This nice asian gal came over to debs and I and asked where I went to school, caus VCU students got discounts at the Short Pump Apple Store. So, I got me a brand new, silver, iPod Mini. Loaded it up with about 500 songs now…listening to it while at school. I LOVE it!

Back to work…i need to fix these pictures of the cutlass to put up on ebay, work on my resume, work on this site, and work on my SQL homework.


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