so so

You know, im sitting here wanting to write something…and had been thinking of writing something all day…but now when I sit down to write it out…it just all seems so meaningless. Eh…today wasnt that good….but still quite interesting, fun, and learning…which is always nice. But, instead of sugar (well..i dont use sugar any more really)…so instead of Splenda-coating it, ill just tell ya the nice things.

I was told earlier on that the site I was working on would have a few more weeks till it went live. Well, this morning, I was asked pretty early if I could have it ready to go live NEXT WEEK. I said sure, of course, since most of the development is done. I just gotta make it look all purdy with fancy pictures and tweak my Dreamweaver Template and CSS file. While talking to the graphic arts guy Norbert (Heh, im sure Tess remembers him!), we started talking about basic page layout and design (something im interested in).

Well, he brought these over…

They have a date on them of 1991…but check out who they are made by! Even more interesting? To my knowledge…they used this same kind of design in all their work (well, printed) over many years, at LEAST until Steve came back. I looked through them, and some really cool stuff in there. Id love to have something like this, or at least have all this kinda stuff memorized some day.

Hrm, other than that…the day sucked mostly! Went to the gym after work, then to the truck ( I got it back from debs today ), ryan into Brian E. and chatted a while before dinner. Class…didnt do to well on the exam, but oh well. I deserved it..and I can easily bring it up.

Im ready for the weekend….I think.

Im Listening to: ‘Little Dreamer’ by Van Halen from the album Van Halen

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