Cars in the shop :(

Did the same thing today as I mentioned in my post the other day.

This time, I noticed that the overflow was full with a murky orange fluid (Dexcool and something!). I was even able to take the rad. cap off the thing was so cold.

So, this is just great. After having dad help me with a few things testing it, I put some water by his request in, and drove home, and parked her. Of course the ride home…it was ice cold and just fine. Called AAA and had it towed by Fletchers, and set down over on their lot for dad to check out tomorrow.

Pumped about getting out, and wanting a new car…but sure hope its not this way. The early diagnostic? Bad thermostat (most likely), bad sensors, or the worse….head gasket. Yah….my two least favorite words….

Im Listening to: ‘Tales Of A Scorched Earth’ by Smashing Pumpkins from the album Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness – Twilight To Starlight

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