Fun weekend…

I went on Friday night with my friend Jamie to Capital Ale House Innsbrook, since I hadn’t seen him in a while. We hung out at the bar, and then all of a suddon all these guys (and gals) wearing their kilts and playing their bagpipes walk right infront of us…and heading outside. So, we decided to follow, and went out there to a nice, heated tent, where they had more drinks, and everything was green! So, hung out there for a while, then headed on home, since I had to be up REALLY early, to go to the Metro Richmond Science Fair.

Got there around 7, which was great, for having no clue where I was going, and some shady directions to start with. It was held at James River High School, which actually was just over the river off 288. Had breakfast there with Becca (I think that was her name…heh…it was Martha’s (lady who heads up the fair and works at the MSC with me) daughter), and her best friend Jenn, who I happened to know, since she goes to VCU, we took a class together, and we both left GMU after our first years.

The fair was nice…I took a TON of pics (well, 50+), all on one set of batteries! Pretty amazed myself. I was judging Jr. Physics, with a guy that was in charge of Physical Science at the Science Museum of VA. I swear these middle schoolers knew more about physics than I did! It was pretty nice, and laid back. Had a nice lunch, again with Jenn and them after all the judging was done. I took a few more pics after checking all our math and turning in our sheets, and then went ahead home.

For the most part last night, I didnt do much. I took mom all around the world so she could find more things to waste her money on in the kitchen. Then, came home, and sat around. I wasn’t feeling to swell, and it just got worse as the night went on. I was all stuffy, and a bad headache.

After waiting hours for mom still not to decide what they wanted for dinner, I zoomed off to go to McAlisters Deli in Short Pump, caus my friend Kristen works up there. The ride was quite exciting. One thing that amazed me was that the Cutlass laid some rubber on good ole westshire lane. Next thing, was that when I was turning onto Pump….I looked at the guages and the Temp was PEGGED on the High! WTF?

So, I park, turn the car off, and wait. Turn the power back on, and the guage is droping, but not as fast as I would think. So I think pop the hood….and ALL the air around it is cold? If the engine was running that hot…no matter HOW cold it is outside…that engine bay would be quite warm. The heater was also blowing out cold air….I.E. the car hadn’t warmed up yet. Went in, ordered my food and talked to Kristen for a while (she got to go to SC for break, and was just talking about school and getting out and stuff, I dont get to talk to her much at school, only online now and then). When I got back to the car, sure enough, it was ice cold. No problems since.

Washed both the car and the truck today, and worked on trying to get some crazy overspray off the wheel well of the Durango. Now going to get some cleaning done round here, work in the kitchen, and of course some good ole C#.NET goodness….

Im Listening to: ‘New Abortion’ by Slipknot from the album Ozzfest 2001: The Second Millennium (Live)

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