ssenkcis eht htiw nwoD

Yesterday was WEIRD

I woke up early (6:30)…with a sore throat, and feeling like I was ‘sweating off a fever’…thing is I havent been sick, nor really had any interaction with others that week (since just about everyone I know is out of town). Eyes were milky, etc. As the day progressed, I actually got worse, then better, then worse…but it was all BACKWARDS than a usual sickness. That and I had no problems eating whatsoever.

I stayed at work for most of the day, and only left about 30 min. before I planned to, just because I was at a really good stoping point. I had noticed that the new camera was here a day early, and they already had tried delivering it. So, shortly after I got home, the FedEx driver called the house…saw that I put a hold on it, and said he was in shortpump, and he could drop by again….wow did that make my day…i all of a suddon felt like a millon bucks.

So, I went off to church, and did some paiting in the room, mainly some trim, a window, and a big sofa like chair. Left and headed on home.

I was doing the usual, just talking to friends, when Thunderbird says I have new mail…but I didnt check it right away. A little later I was like “hrm, what is it”

It was a email from Microsoft.

Im not kidding. Instead of regionals (which were going to be at VCU), they are flying everyone to Redmond. Yah. All my airfare and lodging is included. I have now found out that BOTH VCU teams are going, which is awsome. I cant wait to get back to school, and see what the plans are now. So, in two months (May 20th, that weekend)…imma be on the westcoast geeking it out. Man this is awsome

More to come later though, gotta head on in to the Ukrops…wheres that going to take me?

PS – Here is our favorite mascot Tux showing off the new cam 🙂

Im Listening to: ‘Bring Her Down (To Crippletown)’ by Rob Zombie from the album The Sinister Urge

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