Sharpen your axe

Today was quite a productive, and fun day 🙂

I got up as usual, and went on in to work. Shortly after being there, one of the lady’s came in, who runs the Metro Richmond Science Fair. She had to run down to MCV and VCU to drop off packets, and asked if I knew where most of these places were. Well, since i spent almost all of my childhood down at MCV hanging in moms office, I know my way around quite well. So we jumped in her van, and went all around to drop this stuff off. They recruited me as a Judge this weekend (im going to judge the Jr. Physics area). We got to talking, and i mentioned that this gal I knew Jen knew one of her daughters. Come to find out, shes going to be judging this weekend to! so that will be pretty fun.

While downtown, on Broad street near 8th or so (i think, were all the buildings are being torn down), everything stopped, I think at least 5 cop cars came out of nowhere. stopped in the middle of Broad, on the other side of broad, and just about every corner near there (right in front of us). They jumped on this guy, and really couldn’t tell much else. It must have been planned, or being watched. It was right outside one of those “get your checks cashed here” places. Quite a shock.

Came home after working, and then went to a scout meeting later on. There we had a guest come in and talk about leadership to our quite small group. But, if anything, I hope something like this will help the troop have more “oomph” to do something. I was actually asked about the site, and I said that I would rather get something static up there, that works, and looks nice, and really focus more energy on trying to get this troop rolling again. Man it would be nice.

Other than that, nothing really. I gotta do some layout stuff for church in a few, prob get some code done on VxNet, and then some rest. Im still undecided about working tomorrow. I have to go to Ukrops in the night, but was going to go to the MSC to get some extra money, and take off Friday as well. Oh well, we will see what happens when it gets here 🙂

Im Listening to: ‘Moskau’ by Rammstein from the album Reise, Reise

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