Long Black Train

If you have ever heard this song, but Josh Turner, it was like a perfect connection to the message at church today. The sermon was on “Taking Charge”, and very nice…espcially for the direction the church is starting to take. I dunno about anyone else, but I was really pumped to hear it all. After church, I waited up to meet with one of my other teams, the “Marketing and Media Team”. This group will be in charge of basicly any type of media you could think of. Im there mostly for the new church web site, but also stuff like newsletters and packets. My first task is making a packet to be bulk mailed containing info on the new “teams” our vision and mission statements, and stuff like that.

Also, I would like to announce…that it is REALLY boring not doing anything for Spring Break. Im here, not doing much (but had a good day). But really havent done much but clean (worked on the truck and car too), watched the race, talking to Sam’s sister Tori right now, and a few other people. It’ll be like this all week, but actually relaxing 🙂

So, tongiht has in store maybe trying to hack a little more out on the site. Most people will need to get a fresh reload in their browsers to get all the new stuff. I know when I tested out the display on the Powerbook, it still was going to the wrong file. But after a few trials, things are resolving to this page (which is correct).

And, to end…im looking for a place. If all goes right, Deborah and I will be really looking when she gets back, and getting out of here soon. 😀

Im Listening to: ‘Sic’ by Slipknot from the album Slipknot

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